Bottle Conditioning: How We Do It and Why We Do It

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In commercial cider production, most sparkling ciders get their bubbles by way of compressed CO2 gas. This is a great system because it is affordable, fast, and consistent. There is however, another option called bottle (or cask) conditioning.   In the days before stainless steel, compressed gas, and refrigeration, a beer or cider would be put into a sealed barrel or bottle when it still had just a tiny bit … Continued

9% ABV

This cider highlights the hard work of many of our friends and neighbors. Early season apples from Virginia are fermented with Belgian yeast from RVA Yeast Labs and then bottle conditioned with organic ginger juice from The Juice Laundry and local wildflower honey from Sourwood Farm. The honey ferments in the bottle, leaving a dry cider with a floral nose and the perfect hint of ginger.

Wed, Jun 06

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“Give me your wild to pour. Your barrel-aged sours yearning to breathe free. The unique one-offs, your crafts of lore. Send these style-bending, tempest-tossed to me. I lift my gaze beside the gated door.” In 2017, Dacha Beer Garden began an initiative called “Beer Club Wednesdays.” Each Wednesday, the beer garden plays host to a different local or national brewery, meadery or cidery and showcases their beverage creations with tastings … Continued