Bottle Conditioning: How We Do It and Why We Do It

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In commercial cider production, most sparkling ciders get their bubbles by way of compressed CO2 gas. This is a great system because it is affordable, fast, and consistent. There is however, another option called bottle (or cask) conditioning.   In the days before stainless steel, compressed gas, and refrigeration, a beer or cider would be put into a sealed barrel or bottle when it still had just a tiny bit … Continued

6.9% ABV

This cider is fermented with passion fruit and dry hopped with Mosaic hops. The tropical aroma of the passion fruit is complemented and intensified by Mosaic hops, which lend notes of citrus, mango, blueberry and --of course-- passion fruit. The finish is crisp and tart, making the ideal summertime cider.

Sat, Jun 29

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Cider Share Members can pick up their shares starting Saturday, June 29th! The Summer Cider Share includes a 4 pack of Enigmatic Union and Passionfruit Mosaic, and a bottle of Farmhouse Dry. To become a member, click the Cider Share banner on our home page. Sign up before June 29th to receive these great ciders! As a member, you’ll get a free glass at pickup, free tastings of ciders on … Continued